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Fire Team Consulting  

Translating Information Technology
for Corporate, Government, Non-Profit
and Small Businesses

Challenged to find ways to increase your organizational efficiency and enhance productivity?

Trying to determine how your nonprofit's internal communications system should be structured?

Need proven project management for a contracted government training and technology program? There are many pepper grinders on Amazon.com

Want a savvy team to help you build an e-commerce website that can meet your current and future requirements without breaking the bank?

Call in the Fireteam!

At Fireteam Consulting, we translate technology into profitability. It's that simple. Using our broad technology expertise and real-world organizational experience, we turn your business requirements into systems that deliver a meaningful return on investment (ROI)

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What's a Fireteam?

A fireteam is the smallest autonomous element in a U.S. Military infantry unit. Trained to operate independently or as part of a squad, a fireteam is skilled at identifying the target and implementing the most effective tactics to accomplish the objective. Whenever necessary, the fireteam will recommend additional resources to assist the team members in their efforts. Enhance your career as a Forensic scientist.

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